Let the spinning begin!!

  Because…. I now have a spinning wheel!
It’s great. My first ever wheel is an Ashford Kiwi, a very nice beginners wheel. I love how fast it is! This afternoon I spun an entire bobbin full of yarn. That same amount of yarn would have taken me days to do on the drop spindle. We bought this wheel at half price at a tiny yarn shop the next town over, an excellent deal. While we were there we picked up a beautiful braid of Blue Faced Liecester fiber, which the lady at the shop recommended for a beginning spinner.

spinning wheel, ashfordIt’s a double treadle wheel, which I like because it feels more balanced than a single treadle. It’s also in the upright “castle” style I like.

yarn I love this fiber, it’s a joy to spin.

I’m excited to try different styles of spinning and plying with this wheel, and later on if I want to spin bulky art yarn, Ashford makes a jumbo bobbin and flyer attachment.
I’m off to go spin yarn for hours and hours!! 🙂

God bless, Rebekah.


4 thoughts on “Let the spinning begin!!

  1. We have two French angora rabbits, and we have just been saving their fibers. . . we do not have a spinning wheel and we have no idea how to start. I have daughters who are 15, 12, 10, and 8, and they are all quite interested in learning how to spin the fibers, especially because we’d like fiber goats and/sheep in the future. Would you recommend the Ashford Kiwi for angora fibers and for beginning spinners? Would we be able to figure this out on our own, do you think??

    • Your daughters are the perfect age to begin spinning! I don’t have much experience with other spinning wheels than the Kiwi, but for me it was perfect for a beginner. From the reviews I’ve read, too, it seems to be a good beginners wheel. If you simply want to try spinning without investing in a spinning wheel, drop spindles are a good option – I learned to spin on a drop spindle before I got the Kiwi.
      It is much easier to learn how to spin with a sheep wool such as Blue Faced Liecester, Wensleydale, or Merino at first.
      Save the Angora til they are a little more skilled at spinning – or blend it with some sheep wool to make it easier to spin.
      Yes, spinning is doable to figure out on your own – YouTube should have some good videos. Your local yarn shop might know of some spinners near you that you could learn from.
      Spinning is a wonderfully fun craft – enjoy the process of learning!

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