The Latest Felt Paintings

I made 3 felt paintings over the holidays. One is of a Baltimore Oriole, one is of a Painted Turtle, and one is landscape.

I started making the paintings to a standard size (8×10 in.) for the first time, so they can easily be mounted on a canvas.
Here is the Oriole piece after wet felting.

Oriole After Wet Felting

And here is the finished painting after needle felting.

Edited Oriole

Next is the Painted Turtle piece before wet felting.

turtle before felting

Here is the piece after needle felting.

felt painting, turtle

This is after I mounted the piece onto an 8″x 10″ canvas.

turtle, felt painting, water, wool

Last is the landscape…

landscape, felt painting, sheep, mountain range

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “The Latest Felt Paintings

  1. thanks for sharing your beautiful work! can you share how you mounted them on the canvas? i have made a few felt landscapes (not as nice as yours!) but i am at a loss as to how to mount, or frame, them so i can hang them on the wall. they are so natural that a plain rectangular frame seems a mis-match with their organic quality. i like your canvas mount though. did you glue them on?

    • Hi Chris, I do glue the painting on to the canvas. I am working on a new painting right now, so when I am ready to mount it I will take some photos and do a quick tutorial. Keep on felting- its a wonderful craft!

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