Felt Paintings

Edited Oriole

Baltimore Oriole
8 x 10″

turtle, felt painting, water, wool

Painted Turtle
8 x 10″

Edited Cardinals

Winter Cardinals on Post
7 x 3.5″

landscape, felt painting, sheep, mountain range

Sheep Meadow and Stream
10.25 x 9.25″

Edited Poppy Fields

Poppy Fields
10.75 x 9.5″

Edited Sunset

Sunset over Hills
10 x 12″

Edited Farmhouse

Berkshires Farmhouse

edited painting

Sheep Valley at Night
(better picture coming, sorry)


3 thoughts on “Felt Paintings

  1. Hi Rebecca, your felt paintings are beautiful!!! I just started making little animals this last fall, but want to try my hand at felt-painting. What do you use as backing, and how did you get started? Debby Wager (friend of the Macicas)

    • Hi Sister Debby! I got started using a great book called Art in Felt & Stitch, by Moy Mackay. For a backing I just use the base layer of white wool that gets felted in with the layers that make up the picture on top. You could probably glue or sew a piece of fabric to the back for hanging or simply a clean look too. Also, I made a quick tutorial on how I make painting (hopefully this makes my meaning clearer!) The post is called Poppy Felt Painting, Part 1, and that’s here on the blog.
      Let me know if you have more questions! Felt painting is really is a fun craft.
      Rebekah Connors

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